In the Spotlight : Here Technologies

We have some fantastic news. A kPoint customer, Here Technologies has been selected as a finalist at the Learning Awards, a prestigious recognition by the Learning and Performance Institute, UK.

Here Technologies provides a great environment for their employees to work and continuous learning is an integral part of it. Amongst the tools they use, kPoint is an essential one. In a blog not long ago, we had talked about how Team Leaders in an organization could use an Enterprise Video Platform to provide timely help to team members. The example we used was kPoint’s use at Here Technologies.

kPoint is a piece in the larger jigsaw picture of an organization that ensures communication of its internal knowledge amongst those who need it. It also helps manage this process. We would like to share how Here Technologies have used an Enterprise Video Platform.

The skill-gap their workers have is a daily reality that cannot be bridged by taking them offline to train them.

The Problem:

The business problem they are addressing is not unique nor is it an easy one to overcome. HERE Technologies offers open location solutions in a very rapidly changing technology space. They understand the importance for employees to stay ahead of the curve with regards to their skills which needs to be bridged in the flow of work. The highly-dispersed workforce means that traditional training is not ideal. While curated content is useful it cannot provide the complete solution. This curated content needs to be blended with the expertise of the many subject matter experts they have across the business.

…importance for employees to stay ahead of the curve with regards to their skills which needs to be bridged in the flow of work.

The Solution:

The novel approach they adopted for learning within their 8000+ strong company was this:

They focused on learning in the flow of work. Their employees work on very specialized tasks on a complex product.  In-house experts who have acquired new skills or developed them on the job needed to share them. Here Technologies’ strategy was providing their employees knowledge about the task being performed just before they did it. It has proved to be the most effective use of that knowledge.

The knowledge from SME’s, updates to the project, etc. was captured in the form of short videos made by the folks possessing the knowledge. For instance,  a change in UI, using a new set of widgets well downstream of the initial design could be captured in the form of a short video and provided to developers. It would provide very specific instructions on what needs to be implemented without time-consuming training offline. kPoint allows easy DIY video creation from desktops and mobile phones. This graphic shows how they have used video and the incredible rate of adoption by employees.

Kpoint Profile Sanapshot

This led to the creation of a centralized repository that made discovery easy and could push content along a timeline. kPoint provides analytics about every aspect of the creation and consumption of video content. A dashboard gave management insights about knowledge most sought after and how best to fulfill that demand. Feedback from employees has indicated a large degree of satisfaction with this way of learning and demonstrated increased employee engagement.

This is an insightful use of Enterprise Video Platforms to solve such a prevalent business problem: Bridging the skill gap by promoting learning in the flow of work. It is a great solution that brings tangible results. It is flexible in the ways it can be implemented and has several ways to optimize it to your situation. Do contact us if you have such a need or would simply like to learn more.

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