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That thankless job. You’re not the respected big boss nor are you a happily invisible cog. But trust us, without you neither would survive. Read on, fearless leaders!

With this new release of kPoint we want to give you specific suggestions pertaining to the roles you and your colleagues play in your organizations. These suggestions are about how to use Enterprise Video to dramatically improve communicating and sharing your knowledge.

In this blog we speak to you, a Team Manager. Team Lead. Not one but know one? Share this article. Meanwhile, make believe you had that role to play. And after you read this blog, we will ask you to do something that will take 30 seconds. It will make you and your team have a great day! Wait for it.

Remember the saying the “The Devil is in the details?”. As the leader of a team you are dealing with just those details. Amongst all your Corporate Management, you are closest to the people writing the code, facing unanticipated challenges, and really making stuff happen.

Here are three places you can create an immediate impact.

Communicate Changes. You need to constantly communicate the changes in requirements and schedules to your employees. These aren’t always the big Change Control items that are well documented. They might just be simple tweaks from your last call with a client/partner/other teams.

Enterprise Video can provide a mix of audio, screenshots, and graphics clarifying the concepts. It’s DIY and you can make small clips capturing that knowledge using just your laptop. A voice over while scrolling through a code base/lines of code, a project Gantt chart, is probably the most effective tool you have to create a ready reference. It’s faster and more effective than calling a meeting or a telecon. And these knowledge nuggets can attract comments and suggestions that will continuously enrich them.

Here is an example of how a Team leader created very specific videos around a project that provides and uses maps on a website..

Changes to the project will not always land at your desk in the order they need to be made. You will need to make them at appropriate times. Those DIY modules you have can be delivered to  team members and made available on a Need to know – Just in Time basis. It beats getting all the information all at once. Especially with information that may change with time. A long winded change control meeting may anticipate changes downstream that will be different over time and circumstance. Getting your team the latest available information for just the task at hand is most effective.

Communicate Changes

Finally, how did it all work out? Did your team miss out on any information you had shared? Did they Get it? The ability to see how the knowledge was consumed is critical as a check during execution of a project. A dashboard presenting this to you, the Teamleader gives instant access. At the least, Do you get answers to the following with your current system?

  1. Has the information been accessed by people who needed it??
  2. When did they see it?
  3. Are you aware of all feedback to that information you may need to act on?

In addition, now you also have a repository that was automatically created. It will keep your Knowledge Base fresh and upto date for the entire organization to use.

This was just one example of how Enterprise Video can help your work life. Do you have any problems or situations where solutions like these may work for you? Write or Call us and we can share what we know from our experience!

NOW! Here is what we wanted you to do. Read the following sentence and complete it.

Team, (Folks, Doston, Peeps..)  We had some great teamwork last week on ______( NAME OF PROJECT/TASK/CHALLENGE ( It could have been a hit or maybe it tanked). The CEO/Founder,( Customer, Client… Yourself) loved how we pulled together! Thank you!

Now turn on your mobile phone camera, get some light on your face and say it with a smile. Share it on kPoint, WhatsApp, E-mail…. It doesn’t matter!

Send us a link and tell us how it was received. It will be a refreshing stir to the corporate pot and will surprise you! That much we promise.

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