Easy and Effective sharing with Videos

Our intelligent and interactive platform enables businesses and users to capture and consume videos easily and effectively. The kPoint platform is packaged to suit the video needs of individuals and teams – small, medium and large.

Create simple, yet powerful videos

Creating videos can sound daunting. Not so, with kPoint. Our tools are crafted to provide the 'ease' in video creation and sharing. They free you up from the usual hassles so you can focus on your message.

Engage users with videos

Once you finish the hard task of creating a video, we take on the harder task of getting your viewers to view them. We have everything - notifications, recommendations, social prompts, and intelligent search. What's more - our content collaboration helps initial viewers bring more viewers in.

Analyse and improve videos

What you can measure, you can improve! That's our philosophy. Your videos are for achieving some higher objective. kPoint measures every little consumption detail, so you can confidently achieve your objectives.

See how kPoint helps businesses put videos to work

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Businesses that rely on kPoint’s video platform

From small businesses to blue-chip companies, kPoint adds a competitive advantage with solutions for variety of specific video streaming needs.

How we enable the success of users

Videos are the gold standard of communication today. With the potential to be immersive and effective, videos go a long way in making a meaningful impact to your organisation. Here are some ways how kPoint enables the success of business users through videos.

VideoCentral - Video Platform Solutions

Video impact on team efficiency

Be it standard operating procedures or helpful 'how to' narratives, kPoint provides simple features to deliver 'show and tell' videos that improve overall job effectivess of team members.

Live video helps leaders influence and inspire

As a leader, you want to reach out to your team. Share successes and challenges you have learnt from. Align the wider organization to the common goal. You need a way to influence and inspire regularly. kPoint's super easy live streaming gives you exactly that. It's more powerful than bulletins and emails.

Video Front - K-Point
Video Stack - K-Point

Sharing expertise using video creates an impact

As a subject matter expert, your team is always looking to get 'wisdom bytes' from you. Sharing expertise through videos in dedicated channels with target audience will help you share experiential learning with your team members anytime, anywhere. With our easy to use platform you are just a few clicks away from launching your own 'expert speak' channels.

Engage and understand your website visitors through videos

“Inbound” is the most important sales and marketing approach today. And that means you must guide your website visitor’s video viewing experience, engage through in-video clicks, and fully understand their behaviour while they view. All this becomes easy when your website videos are hosted on kPoint.

VideoLive - K-Point
VideoCentral - Video Platform Solutions

Video helps everyone create an impact

There are always bright sparks in teams who discover better ways to do things on a daily basis. We all have improvement stories that we would like to share. kPoint's mobile friendly easy video capture and share provides all employees a friendly avenue to share 'newer ways of working' and gain visibility.

Impact of kPoint video: A real return on investment

Your IT environment is full of intranet portals, learning management systems, an HR system, a Knowledge Management System, etc. All of them have videos all over the place. kPoint gives you one place for all that video content so you manage, secure, and leverage synergies better. And save money and effort in the process. We also measure your video's reach and impact on a continuous basis to ensure that your most valuable media asset delivers the business outcome it was intended for.

Video Front - K-Point

Ready to get started?

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

kPoint’s offerings seamlessly integrate with existing tools and hardware to make your life easier.

Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics

Get access to robust insights with real-time detailed analytics to optimize viewer experience and engagement.

Best-in-class Security

Best-in-class Security

kPoint supports encrypted video distribution and uses enterprise-grade security practices.

Improves Bottom Line

Improves Bottom Line

Reduces travel costs and keep employees in the know with on-demand videos.