Extended Enterprise Live Streaming: Reaching Beyond your Employees

There is a blind spot in Live Streaming Video Platforms.

Does your Enterprise Live Streaming Platform allow you to invite your customers, vendors, business partners who are NOT your employees for access-controlled Live Streamed events that are hosted by your company? Probably not.

Enterprises control access to their Live Stream Broadcasts for security and to monitor the impact of that event. We had blogged about it last year as the pandemic made all gatherings virtual. Within the enterprise, this is easily done. All employees have usernames and passwords and data about their participation is available in great detail.  

Social Media Live Streams are super easy to use but the attendees remain unknown and only basic stats about the success of the event can be measured.

This audience, non-employees, but intimately related to your business, your customers, partners, and others in your environment are known to you. You can contact them directly. They need information from your organization. Live Streaming events is a great way to stay connected.

The audience is individually unknown but accessible. Your platform needs to be able to include them in your Enterprise live streams.  How do you do that?

This audience is not made of registered company employees. The audience is individually unknown but accessible. Your platform needs to be able to include them in your Enterprise live streams. How do you do that?

Here are three situations that the kPoint Enterprise Video Platform enabled companies to reach out to such audiences.

  • A large IT company wanted to engage its recruits from college campuses across the country. It was important for them to connect with future employees during the chaos of recruitment soon after graduation. They scheduled a series of live streaming events that featured information about the company.
  • A nationalized bank live-streamed video for fraud protection and alerting its customers about credit card security and current threats.
  • A company provides video webcasting solutions for niche events that require the participants to register and provides secure access for participants.

The participants are not users in your system. You can’t register the participants ahead of time and nor do you want to let them come and go without being accounted for. Social Media platforms don’t let you do that. The kPoint Enterprise Video Live Streaming platform provides:

  1. White glove support to set up and conduct the event, User management, a custom landing page, and post-event support.
  2. Integration with video conferencing solutions like Zoom, and WebEx.  Multiple speakers can attend like a regular video call. Those conferencing applications can provide full interactivity between the speakers and kPoint broadcasts it to a very large audience.
  3. The URLs to join the Live Broadcast may be shared and forwarded to interested attendees. They will however be required to provide their name and an email address. They can be part of a calendar invite.
  4. The broadcast audience is in a “Listen only” mode but has the ability to interact with the speakers via chat.  The chat may be moderated so both the speakers and audience are protected from distractions.
  5. kPoint provides a white-labeled player with bandwidth-efficient HD streaming that can scale on the fly to accommodate unexpected sizes of audiences. Broadcast audiences can use a mobile application.
  6. Analytics and data about the event. Attendance, chat transcripts, and feedback from attendees can be reported.
  7. Recordings of the broadcast can be curated and edited for content. They become instant content that can be reused afterward. The URL for the broadcast can be used for accessing the recording. All the attendees need to do is go to their calendar and find the event link.

Facebook and Youtube Live broadcasts don’t provide the ability to register easily and do not have reports about the event.  Internal Enterprise Video Platforms are tightly secured and focus on providing a platform for employees only in a very restricted and protected manner.

Live Broadcast events are exciting and a great way to engage your audience. They create a sense of urgency and are preferred over most other social media, like blogs and recorded videos. You can use them to share information that is current and immediate in its need. The opportunity to immediately interact with speakers and get responses that address broad questions rather than one-on-one feedback is considered to be the biggest benefit.

Need more ideas? Do write and contact us. We can help you plan the event and provide full support.

kPoint cited for its enterprise video technology in Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Video Content Management
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