Personalized Videos : The Future Of Video Marketing

In a dynamic economy and amid stiff market competition, you need sales & marketing communication that stands out. 

Unfortunately, most sales & marketing materials follow a templatized structure with a one-size-fits-all model. This causes fatigue among your audience, causing disengagement and eventually drop-off. For instance, around 10 seconds into an average video 20% of your viewers will have already clicked away. That’s why you need video personalization – it aligns sales & marketing content with a customer or prospect’s unique context, so there is perfect synchronicity. 

Cutting-edge video management platforms like kPoint make it possible to design video that is sure to resonate, engage and convert, with a keen focus on personalization.


What is Personalized Video?

The personalized video refers to video content that addresses a viewer’s unique requirements and context, altering the content as per key customer traits such as location and viewer clicks. The idea is that viewers will receive a differentiated experience based on their pain points and aspirations. 

For example, if you have an explainer video for a product, you might want to highlight every product detail and share detailed instructions when targeting a new customer. However, for prospects, you will reuse the video with a different messaging with the objective of conversion. Long-time customers, on the other hand, will see a version where only new updates are emphasized as they are already familiar with the product. 

At its core, personalized video is based on two prongs: 

1. Understanding viewer intent – Depending on the exact use case, your sales and marketing content is tailored to address personal problems and make the viewer feel valued. 

2. Mobilizing viewer data – Access to data helps to automate personalization so that viewers receive the designated video experience according to the data generated. You can also use video BI to build a 360-degree picture of the customer for long-term sales & marketing strategies. 


Why You Need Personalized Video to Improve Sales & Marketing Communication in 2021

Personalization is at the heart of customer-centricity. 

If you look at companies like Netflix or Amazon, their entire business model is built on providing personalized experiences and driving value for each individual user. This makes companies relevant to the widest possible customer base while staying localized and targeted. McKinsey found that 80% of customers expect personalization as a default characteristic of CX. Research also indicates that over 70% of brand leaders already reach their customers through personalized video. There are several reasons for this: 

Video communication is on the rise

60% of millennials would rather watch a company video than read a newsletter, making it central to your sales & marketing strategy. You need to maximize its potential to deliver conversion and measurable business outcomes. 

User attention span is declining

If videos don’t capture attention in the first 1 minute, 45% of your audience will stop watching. Personalization helps to combat content fatigue and resonate with users on a personal level. 

Competition necessitates brand differentiation

With several new and existing players vying for market leadership, personalized video can help to “strike a chord,” improving brand recall. This is all the more important in a post-pandemic bullish economy. 

Investing in video personalization results in key business benefits

personalized videos can break through the “content noise” your customers face online. As the videos are relevant to them, it results in higher email open rates, and clickthrough rates, which translates into a greater engagement. Over time, you will be able to build stronger relationships through personalization. 

Ultimately, video personalization is key to getting more value from your sales & marketing investments


Considerations to Keep in Mind

Personalization strategies must be carefully crafted to strike a balance between effort and impact. While creating video content and personalizing it as per customer data can seem like a formidable task, cutting-edge video technology can make this process simple and efficient. Ultimately, you should be aiming for positive ROI where viewers can interact with your video, obtain an enriching experience, remember your brand and product, and deliver increased lifetime value. 

Another consideration is the collection of customer data. Accenture found that 6 in 10 customers are happy to share their data like location if they receive something meaningful in return. Therefore, your video personalization strategy must focus squarely on value generation for the customer if it is to stay sustainable and compliant with data privacy norms. 


Where To Use Personalized Videos

The next vital consideration to keep in mind is the question of where to use personalized videos. While there aren’t really any limitations, it is advisable to interweave personalized content with the end-to-end sales and marketing funnel, from the research stage right until customer support. Here are five activities that can gain from the use of personalized videos: 

Video embedded in email – Fetch customer information from a CRM system integrated with your video platform to incorporate unique and personalized elements into email messages.

Website videos based on browser histories – Depending on customer behavior data collected via cookies, you can target new prospects, existing customers, and repeat visitors differently. 

Customized after-sales videosCreate personalized videos for customers at key points on the after-sales journey, such as onboarding, new product notifications, and renewal emails. 

Geo-specific advertisingVideo ads meant for different locations can be uniquely personalized as per the culture, language, and other demographic traits of that region. 

Personalized sales videosThis is helpful when running account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns, as video material personalized for a client has a greater chance of a conversion. 


Getting Started: 5 Must-Have Features and the Way Forward

At kPoint, we have worked with leading brands like Bajaj Finserv, Exide Life Insurance, and many others to improve sales enablement using video. Customer-centricity and personalization is a big part of this blueprint. Companies can achieve video personalization using the following key features: 

1. Video BI and CRM integration

Customer data is the primary pillar for video personalization. Your video platform must give you granular insights into customer engagement, and behavior, also integrating with the CRM so that you can strengthen customer relationships through timely video sharing. 

2. Simple video creation and cloud hosting

Video creation has to be a quick and painless process, so you can craft videos in a few minutes to address a warm lead or solve a customer’s unique pain point. Videos must be hosted on scalable cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accommodate infinite personalized videos. 

3. Annotations for interactivity

Annotations will allow viewers to self-pace the experience, navigating to different sections, and reading detailed information through annotated text. This makes every video-watching experience different and personalized. 

4. Multi-language transcripts

By adding multi-language transcriptions to a video, you ensure that viewers around the world receive a localized experience tailored for their linguistic background. 

5. Personalized video messaging

Embedding video in between chat messages adds more context to a conversation. As a result, customers receive a personalized and outcome-oriented video experience that addresses their needs. 

Here is the bottom line: personalization pays. More than half of sales & marketing professionals investing in personalization have unlocked 300% ROI or more. Using a video management platform like kPoint, it’s easier than ever before to create a repository of personalized videos, incorporate video content at strategic junctures of the customer journey, and improve conversion, recall, and eventually lifetime loyalty. This is vital for success in today’s increasingly customer-centric market landscape. 

Comment below with your thoughts and contact us to start your video personalization journey. 

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