VideoStack is a scalable, secure, and programmable, cloud-based ‘Video Platform as a Service’. It takes care of end-to-end video infrastructure and completely removes complexity by providing a simple set of APIs to developers, to make use of videos in their applications.

Scaled Out Video Infrastructure - K-Point

Scaled out video infrastructure

VideoStack ensures fast and robust playback for a large number of users across all platforms, devices and network scenarios, irrespective of your IT infrastructure. So you can focus on your core business, while VideoStack does the heavy-lifting of the videos.

Video Management Abstractions - K-Point

Ready to use video management abstractions

Manage the complete video lifecycle including ingestion, user provisioning and consumption of all video assets, based on dynamic workflows, with ready-to-use APIs.

Best-in-class video player

kPoint helps you play better! A ‘brandable’, programmable and interactive, HTML5 player lets you keep the viewer constantly engaged and in control.

What industry leaders are saying

Stories about how kPoint help you to spark conversations through video.

Freedom for developers

With VideoStack, developers enjoy the freedom to design business-specific workflows. It provides access control for all your videos, including live streaming and video-on-demand, along with advanced analytics and transcoding.

Freedom for Developers - K-Point
Differentiated Video Experience - K-Point

Differentiated video experience

Do much more, with advanced deep-video search, quizzes, comprehensive click-through analytics and embeddable Call-To-Actions.

Easy to get started

Support from Senior Engineers, ready documentation and tons of help videos, allow you to kickstart your video initiatives effortlessly.

Easy to Get Started- K-Point