Be a Video Superstar!

Would you like to create your own Enterprise Netflix or try to experiment with own videobot? Would you like to seamlessly integrate your videos across your LMS, CMS or Mobile App? Try kPoint VideoStack today!

Programmable video player

The video player is the most critical piece for a video application as it is the first touchpoint for the viewer. VideoStack includes a smart video player, which does a lot more than stream videos smoothly across various platforms and devices. The runtime API enables control of the playback and customization of the entire playback experience to keep viewers engaged.

Integrate with any Platform

Programmers can use industry-standard REST/HTTP and JavaScript API interfaces to control the entire life cycle of a video – from uploading and accessing metadata, defining access control, publishing it, and analysing viewing patterns to gather engagement analytics. The API includes handling metadata around kPoint features like in-video search, highlights, and interactive widgets.

Built for the Developer

VideoStack provides abstractions centred on videos, friendly to developers, usable in their favourite tools. These abstractions enable the developer to build the entire spectrum of functionality from authentication to analytics fast.

Video Player

APIs, Custom Theme

Video APIs

Create, Manage, List


Viewership Analytics, APIs

Live APIs

Create, Manage, List

Embeddable components

Plug&play components to use

Video workflows

Tools for video workflows

Live-stream video

VideoStack includes live streaming API’s to create, manage and deliver live streams to global audiences, instantly. It also includes kPoint Broadcaster SDK – a WebRTC based media streaming component, which can be embedded and used to stream live streams right from within the integrating app. Popular RTMP broadcasters can be used to transmit streams directly to the media endpoint. VideoStack uses DRM protected Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) with HLS to ensure the best streaming experience on every device – desktop or mobile.

Developer Support

Expert help is always around to guide you in making critical decisions related to the choice of API and modelling business flows around videos. You can always reach out to the VideoStack team to swiftly troubleshoot and debug integration issues.