A fully integrated, broadcast-quality, scalable and secure solution for global live streaming and video conferencing events.

Outreach for Global Events- K-Point

Unmatched outreach for global events

  • Multiple simultaneous live events

  • Unlimited concurrent viewership

  • Global presence

  • Works well with enterprise CDN

Enterprise live Streaming Experience- K-Point

Enterprise live streaming experience like
never before

  • Easy-to-use, inbuilt browser-based broadcaster

  • Any user can go live and stream with ease

Power-Packed with Enterprise-Grade Features - K-Point

Power-packed with enterprise-grade features

  • Integrates with corporate AD to provide a secure experience

  • Detailed real-time, as well as post-event analytics

  • Interactive comments to ensure a lively participation

What industry leaders are saying

Stories about how kPoint help you to spark conversations through video.

Retain all live streams as on-demand videos

  • Convert live streams into on-demand videos on the fly

  • All videos available for future reference with deep-search and transcripts

live streams as On-Demand Videos- K-Point
Plugs Seamlessly into Your Existing VC Infrastructure - K-Point

Plugs seamlessly into your existing
VC Infrastructure

  • Integrates with your video-conferencing systems, using widely available RTMP broadcast tools.

  • Get a world-class live broadcast and viewing experience.

  • Reduces costs and allows IT to focus on other priorities.

Real-time monitoring through a dashboard

  • Get minute-by-minute analytics and stats

  • Easy monitoring of viewer engagement

Real-time monitoring through a dashboard- K-Point