Highly rich and customized cloud-based video platform solution built to take care of end to end needs of using video within an enterprise.

Powerful Tools for Crowdsourcing Content - K-Point

Powerful tools for crowdsourcing content

  • Effortlessly create a video library using multiple ways to generate video content.

  • Share added videos with others in an access-controlled manner.

  • Upload, record or import videos - use inbuilt recorders or connected webcams to record screens and voice, or directly stream videos from third-party applications or UC systems.

Insights to Viewer Behaviour and Video Performance - K-Point

Insights to viewer behaviour and video performance

Content Management

Actionable rich click-through analytics allows creators to understand the effective engagement of viewers.

Complete Data

Tracking viewer level details enables quality feedback, process compliance and realignment for effective video distribution.

Increase video engagement, interactivity and searchability

  • Interactive CTAs help authors guide the viewers through their video viewing journey.

  • CTAs in the form of a table of contents, links for additional resources or embedded forms & quizzes make videos much more engaging.

  • Viewer interaction with the CTAs provides invaluable insights into the effectiveness of the video.

  • Capability to deep-search anywhere within a video through any keywords.

What industry leaders are saying

Stories about how kPoint help you to spark conversations through video.

Built for the enterprise

  • Rich open-source API ecosystem allows the videos to be ingested and consumed across all the different enterprise platforms in play, be it your Learning Management System (LMS), Content Management System (CMS), HR Management System (HRMS) or any custom portal.

  • Enterprise-standard based security and encryption allows seamless integration for Single Sign-on (SSO) using any SAML based authentication.

  • VideoCentral’s PoP (Point of Presence) server works as an extended CDN, that optimizes bandwidth usage while distributing high-quality videos in corporate networks.

Built for the Enterprise - K-Point

Best-in-class video player

The kPoint player allows a seamless view of all standard industry video formats.

Adaptive bitrate streaming lets viewers watch the best available quality of video automatically, based on their available bandwidth.

A lightweight mobile app allows authorized users to view videos easily on all Android and Apple devices.

Intuitive portal for video consumption

VideoCentral provides a single branded console to view and manage all your enterprise videos.

Create a hub of social interactions around videos with a personalized viewing experience.

Organized portal for every video, be it video-on-demand, live streaming, LMS videos or thrid-party streaming videos.