It’s amazing how kPoint adds value to videos of different categories, objectives and durations.
Watch how we have made video more engaging and effective.

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 Making long webinar viewing time-efficient

  • Viewers can consume this hour-long technical webinar very efficiently because of highlights auto-generated by kPoint.
  • Experience how easy it is to search for the word “performance” using the search box (top right corner) to find points in the video where it appears.
  • This ensures that viewers find the desired content quickly, thereby increasing consumption of your long-form video content.
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A recap of successful run at a product conclave

  • A blog on our journey at the IBM Global entrepreneur program made engaging by making text on the page drive the video.
  • Click on underlined text in the blog that will take you to the points of interest within the video.
  • Rich text driven video blog enhances your organization’s digital marketing footprint.
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A 30% increase in sales conversion using kPoint

  • See how kPoint videos helped the sales team at Logix Infosecurity understand product complexities better.
  • Use highlights in the video to quickly run through the key points made.
  • Sales training available on time and on demand improves conversions.
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Complex concept made easy to grasp

  • Enhanced learning experience through text-driven video approach.
  • Look out for underlined highlights in the text that will directly take you to the points of interest within the video.
  • Rich text driven video blog enhances the point being made in a video presentation, making learning more efficient.
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YouTube video on IoT streamed through kPoint

  • Stream your YouTube videos through kPoint to add interactivity, search and user-centric analytics.
  • Click on the icon in the top right corner of the player and search for the word “devices” to find points in the video where it appears.
  • Extract more value out of the vast repository of YouTube videos by streaming them through kPoint.
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Interview with industry stalwarts

  • A high quality HD video easily sharable with thousands of users.
  • Jump to key portions of the video, plotted as highlights on the timeline.
  • Video platform integrated with global CDN makes it very easy to share such important information with a large number of viewers who are distributed globally.
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Prompt and frequent CXO communication

  • CXO creates engaging content for timely communication with sales team.
  • Browse through the highlights or search for a particular word to reach exact point in the video where it is used.
  • Prompt and frequent communication by the leadership facilitates a greater alignment to organizational objectives.
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Domain knowledge training for on-field medical team

  • Byte-sized video enhanced through on-screen annotations added by kPoint’s content services team.
  • Browse through the highlights and search for key terms in the video.
  • Make training for on-field workforce more effective and efficient through annotated videos.
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Vibrant corporate greetings video

  • A colorful and vibrant Diwali greeting video created using a phone camera.
  • Watch and enjoy the lively video.
  • Ease of sharing builds a culture of general bonhomie with stakeholders.
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New skills showcased

  • A video with rich media content created on kPoint to showcase newly acquired skills to peers and customers.
  • Watch the full video to see various media used to create it. When in two pane PIP mode, change the primary screen by clicking on expand button in PIP window.
  • Give power to all employees to promote community, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
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kPoint Overview

  • A product marketing video, easily shareable across geographies and across devices.
  • Watch the entire video to know more about the kPoint video platform.
  • Make video content scalable with kPoint.
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kPoint mobile viewing experience

  • Video demonstrating features of kPoint’s mobile app.
  • Know more about kPoint’s offline mobile viewing feature.
  • Enhance the viewing experience for videos on mobile devices.
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Ease of video creation on kPoint

  • Watch how videos can be created effortlessly using kPoint Studio.
  • Learn how you can make your own videos with kPoint’s video creation options, including slides and screen capture with a voiceover.
  • Democratize and simplify the usually cumbersome process of video creation.
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The refreshing new kPoint User Interface

  • A product marketing video that demonstrates the features and functionalities of kPoint’s new User Interface.
  • Watch the entire video to know more about the kPoint’s new look and feel.
  • The new kPoint makes your user experience more responsive and engaging.