Video Intelligence is here to stay…And we’re super-excited!

The fast-paced adoption of video in enterprises means that there is a huge amount of video content residing in a company’s digital properties including website, intranet, blogs and so on. So what happens when you’ve got a big video library and want to find all your sections that talk about “programming”? Want to quickly flag when different things appear within a particular video? Google’s got a cool new cloud-based tool for just that and it’s called the Google Cloud Video Intelligence API.

Until now, most similar cloud technologies only focused on extracting information from still images, but with the help of the new Video Intelligence API, developers will be able to build applications that let users search and automatically extract entities from within a video. That means you can search for words like “programming” or “onboarding” for example, and quickly get to points that discuss these topics.

Besides extracting metadata, the API allows you to tag scene changes in a video. You can see a demo of how this works in the video below.

The new Video Intelligence API presents a goldmine of possibilities in video technology and comes with a host of features and benefits. Let’s have a look at a few.

Get actionable insights

Not only does the Google Cloud Video Intelligence API make video content easy to search and discover, but also makes it possible to derive actionable intelligence from the videos. All this without developers really needing any experience in machine learning or computer vision knowledge.

Catalog your video content

The API also aims to help companies better comprehend the complete content of their video catalog based on entities (nouns) that it detects, while providing a sequential understanding on when each entity appears within the video. Basically, it is now possible for you to search your video database the same way as you’d search inside documents.

Effective keyword search

Google Cloud Intelligence API provides contextual understanding of when these entities appear; for example, if a sales person searches for ‘benefits of XYZ product’ he/she would find all precise points that depict the benefits of that specific product, across the organization’s video collection in Google Cloud Storage.

Improve video data accuracy through collaboration

Additionally, Google has been working with leading media companies globally for several years to help them find value from data, especially their unstructured content like videos. As more and more organizations use this API, it is designed to improve its accuracy over time.

At kPoint, we are consistently looking at new ways to incorporate technologies that will help enterprises maximize their ability to interact with their content and derive maximum insights from it. With our legacy of deep search and interactivity within videos, we are super excited about the possibilities of leveraging Google Video Intelligence API to take the video experience of our users to the next level.


Avijit Senmazumder
Chief Product ArchitectkPoint Technologies, has architect-ed the media backbone for rapid video creation and delivery at kPoint. Avijit has a B. Tech. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NIT Warangal and M. S. in Computer Science from UC, Santa Barbara.

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