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Grand Canyon rafting

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Have your friends and neighbors told you that you need to set aside a week, maybe more, for a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip?

Your One Day Grand Canyon Rafting [seek offset=2000 endoffset=22000 text=”Expedition starts.”]

As you descend into the canyon on the Diamond Creek Road, the only road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, [seek offset=16000 endoffset=36000 text=”keep an eye out.”] for unusual desert plants, and even a wild burro or two!

You will waste no time getting wet, as you plunge into your [seek offset=27000 endoffset=47000 text=”first rapid.”]first rapid Mid-way through the morning, you’ll break for a simple hike, and a ladder-assisted climb, into a hidden nook of the Colorado River, where an underground spring emerges through the travertine to form a beautiful waterfall. Back on the river, it.s time for more excitement as more white water awaits you! The rapids on this trip average Class II and III, considered .moderate. on a scale of I to IV, which means that this trip can be enjoyed by children as young as 8.

You will float past fluted rock formations and historic Separation Canyon, where 3 members of the first Colorado River expedition in 1869 left the group, meeting an uncertain fate. Your [seek offset=59000 endoffset=79000 text=”final destination”] on the river is Grand Canyon West. Here, your river guide bids you farewell as you board a helicopter* for a brief but exciting flight back to Grand Canyon West.

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