About the Interviewer
John joined the AB Consultancy of Statistics after completing his engineering from University of Chicago.

About the Subject Matter Expert
Diana is a Principal Agile Coach for Mantros Solutions and is the Founder and Principal Mentor at Pradison Mentors.

Questions asked during the Interview

Question 1:
[seek offset=41000 endoffset=83000 text=”We would like to know your area of work. And then, tell me the common problems in your area of expertise that people seek your help in?”]

Question 2:
[seek offset=83000 endoffset=117000 text=”What’s your tribe? As in who are the people you’d go to battle for?”]

Question 3:
[seek offset=118000 endoffset=145000 text=”Tell me where do you see yourself in five years.”]

Question 4:
[seek offset=146000 endoffset=196000 text=”If you get an offer from us and you decide to join, when will you be able to start?”]

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