Product Update: April 2021 Release

Context Listing on the Video Page

Videos From Same Context

Videos From the Same Context

Watch more of what you need! kPoint now automatically prompts you with additional useful and relevant content.

When you navigate to a video from a particular context: ‘Trending’, ‘Popular’, ‘Recent’, and ‘Recommended’, you will see more videos on the right side from the same context. For example, when you watch a video from the list of Trending videos, you will see a list of more Trending videos on the video page.

Related Videos For Searched Keyword

Additionally, when you search for a video using a search keyword and some filter criteria, you will see a list of related videos on the right that match the same search criteria.

Search Videos

Subscribe To Channels

Like a video and want to subscribe to it’s channel? Now do it with one click!

When you navigate to the video viewing page, you will see the name of the channel below the description section. You can subscribe to the channel by clicking on the bell icon next to the channel name. If you have already subscribed to this channel you will not see the bell icon.

You can click on the channel name to navigate to the channel page to see what other content is part of this channel.

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Edit and replace

Edit and Replace Video in Studio

Don’t sweat any longer over changing those 10 seconds you want to be edited out in a video.

Now, the new Studio allows you to edit a video and export it to replace the earlier video.  In the previous release, you had to export it as a new copy of the edited video and then replace the previous version. After editing a video created in Studio, when you click on ‘Export’, you can either export as a new video or save it as the same video filename.  

NOTE: The analytics of the edited video will be reset. So if you wish to retain them, download them before exporting with the same file name.

Timeline Preview in Studio

Now you can preview the final edited video within Studio. You don’t need to wait to export the video to see how it looks. 

For instance, after putting together a video with multiple clips, and editing them, you can preview the entire video. On the Studio landing page, you can click on the ‘Preview’ option on the top right. You can review the video at various speeds. The name of each individual clip is displayed below when it is being played. 

If you are happy with the result, close the preview tab and export the video, or edit it again as required. 

Quick Check Before Export

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