Product update: December 2020 Release

Stay informed with curated digest of videos

Stay informed with curated digest of videos

With the new experience of kPoint, we want to ensure users don’t miss out on any content which is important and relevant to them. When users get to know about new, trending, recommended or promoted videos from their organization, they go ahead and view those videos and everybody benefits.

So with this release, kPoint will send in a personalized digest of links to important videos to each user in their mailbox. This mail will be sent every 15 days and if users don’t find it useful, they can disable it anytime they want.

Your customer experience manager will get in touch with you to enable the feature for your organization.

Seamless Peer to peer sharing

The best recommendations are recommendations from your colleagues and friends. Taking this philosophy forward, we have built an excellent peer to peer content sharing flow in kPoint’s new experience. In the new flow, you can share a video, channel, playlist or a live event with other users by just mentioning their name and adding a personal message. Note that if the content’s visibility settings restrict your colleague to view the video, they can simply request for access through kPoint and the owner of the content will get back to them.

Sharing new
Trial experience for NE release

Trial experience for NE release

While the new experience is exciting and we are sure everybody is going to love it, we understand the need to roll it out in your organization in a phased manner. That is why we have built a capability to experience the NE release in a trial mode. Some of the users from your organization can take the trial, identify key points of change and communicate it to entire organization along with kPoint team.

Contact your CX manager to start your trial.

Trackable live events for external guests

Live events are often used to inform, inspire and establish trust. You may want to run live events for external audiences for product promotion, investor relations, demonstrations etc. One of the main challenges with such events is how to enable everyone who is attending to interact in the event and at the same how to track exactly who is attending. With the guest user mode of kPoint live events, you can do exactly that. Just share the link of live events on the right channels in social media and over email and let the attendees self-register to view the event. Everybody who registers will be able to comment and as event hosts, you will get a report of exactly who attended.

Trackable live events for external guests
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