VideoFront: Highlighted Videos

Viewers readily access key points in the video
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Highlighted Videos

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VideoFront enables video publishers to highlight key sections in the video for ease of viewing for the viewer. Such key sections of the video when presented in a highlights widget, like on a platter, makes for a much more engaging viewing experience. The highlights are searchable on the video portal as well as from search engines.

Highlight Widget

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Viewers get to see list of key points, highlight description, their duration and position in the video and an indicative thumbnail of the highlight. The viewing progress of highlights are also shown to viewers for a quick reference. Viewers can share one or more highlight with intended audience.

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Highlight Authoring

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VideoFront provides Video publishers with some auto generated suggestions for highlights. Publishers can also manually add highlights in an intuitive interface.

Highlight Analytics

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Highlight analytics makes for an intriguing and useful data for the video publishers. With the highlight analytics, publishers get to know pattern viewers’ engagement across all key sections in the video. This can help in better promotion of the video as well as serve as a guidance for choosing topics for next set of videos.

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