VideoCentral: Live Streaming

Streaming Live is Now Just a Touch Away!
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Live Streaming

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VideoCentral’s live streaming is seamless with on-demand. Any number of users can “go live” with camera and/or the screen in parallel to very large audiences. Streaming can be secured for the enterprise. Viewers get an on-demand video of the event at the same URL.

Easy to use broadcaster

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VideoCentral’s live streaming enables potentially every employee to go live with nothing more than a web browser. For every authorised user, the super easy web-browser based client bundled with VideoCentral enables live streaming of the camera feed, screen or picture in picture mode from a desktop. The bandwidth need can be set based on the network available.

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Fully interactive

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Viewing live streams on the mobile is the most common viewer choice. Viewers can still interact in real time via comments. No hassles of mute/unmute. The speaker can moderate and respond to only relevant comments, making the event scalable. Comments get used for curating the on-demand video of the event.

Viewership and System Analytics

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Event organisers get an extensive analytics dashboard of the system performance and viewers’ experience in real-time. Through this dashboard, they can fine-tune the stream performance and monitor individual viewers during the event. The viewership analytics ensures total visibility of the viewers, their demography, viewing experience, etc.

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Save Big on the Enterprise Data Bill

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The VideoCentral Point-of-presence (PoP) server not only ensures that on-demand videos are cached for a location, but it also serves as a distribution point for live streams. This leads to significant savings in the data charges borne. The viewers’ experience is guaranteed as the inability to contact the PoP automatically connects to the desired stream directly to the cloud.


Take a look at what VideoCentral can do for you
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