VideoCentral: Content Organization

Governance, compliance, and ease of management
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Content Organization

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VideoCentral makes management of your video library in easy by allowing you to organize the content in channels and playlists. VideoCentral also attaches tags to each video so that a user can quickly find all related videos by looking for a set of tags.


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Keep the related videos together by organizing those into channels. Users will find it extremely easy to navigate and find the right content if they subscribe to a channel of their interest. Video portal administrators can decentralize the management of channels by assigning a channel admin to manage memberships and content in a channel.

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Content owner can take their viewers through a ordered video watching journey by organizing their related videos in a playlist. Authors can manage visibility of their playlists by making them public, private or for selected users.

Access control:

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Content owners can control the access of your videos within the video library in a fine grained manner. Videos can be made available to everybody or to selected users. They can be shared with your organizational groups also.

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Take a look at what VideoCentral can do for you
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