Product Update: Exciting time to be a video publisher

It’s been a busy few months for us at kPoint, with the product team priming for our big ticket release in October. Our focus on constantly making kPoint better for you kept us going, nevertheless ?.

Over the last few months the product team has had its ears close to the ground, listening to users who want to publish more videos, and from different sources. So for our final product update of this season we thought of making things even more exciting for video publishers.

Upload and publish videos from Mobile device

1 in 4 business videos are viewed on mobile devices. So wouldn’t it be great if you could also upload videos from your mobile too, and make content publishing even simpler. kPoint now allows you to upload and publish videos to kPoint from your smartphones, either through the web-browser or the kPoint mobile app. With this, you can record and upload your videos to kPoint on the go. Our sales teams have already started sending their video reports from the field using this feature.

Ingestion of meeting recordings

Meetings conducted over video conferencing solutions are a rich source of organizational knowledge. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could preserve the key discussions and make those easily accessible when required? I bet it will be. We have done exactly that. kPoint offers out of the box integration with BlueJeans – the industry leader in interoperable video conferencing applications – and assisted ingestion of Webex recordings with short turnaround time. Now you can import meeting recordings into kPoint and make them readily accessible, searchable and shareable whenever you want.

More insights on your video dashboard

You will be amazed to see what all you can get on your video statistics dashboard. Apart from view counts and view durations, you can now view the search terms used by your viewers while watching your videos, something that will help you to make your video more discoverable. So the next time you create a video, you’ll have a clearer idea about adding the right tags and highlights to make your content more effective The viewership reports have also become more pinpointed, as you can get viewers’ location to down to the country, state and region level. With this, we have added another dimension to your video analytics which can be better integrated with your existing corporate eco-system.

Share widget

We have good news for video viewers too. We have made it very easy to share videos with your peers by adding a share widget on the player. So you can now not only get a link to share or post the video on a social media quickly, but also share the video starting from any point in time. The widget on the player makes it shareable even when it is embedded on any web portal. Sounds interesting? Give it a try.

Watch out for….

In addition to all these improvements we are also upbeat about our highlight driven viewing and live event broadcast features…but more about it in October. Till then, watch this space!

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