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Reap the benefits of multi-campus scale up and get better retention of course content.


Make learning fun and exciting with interactive, engaging and easily accessible videos through kPoint’s interactive video platform. Cater to digital natives with ease and extend your reach, boost creativity, and also get better course retention.

Key uses of kPoint’s video platform for
Learning Technology Providers

Engrossing and teaching impactful- K Point

Make learning engrossing and teaching impactful

Give a punch to your content with captions, interactive quizzes such as multiple-choice, checkbox, true/false questions, text annotations, polls, chapterization and other interactive web content. Thus, making it easier to reinforce key concepts while creating course videos more engaging.

In-depth searchability- K Point

In-depth searchability

Easily search through your video library with our in-video and deep video search functionality. It indexes every spoken or written word so that viewers can find the relevant video as well as video content fast-forwarded to that exact moment where that keyword occurs in the video.

Effectiveness of the content- K Point

Gauge the effectiveness of the content

With kPoint, it gets easy to measure the behaviour of learners and gauge the effectiveness of the content. Know what’s watched more and understand which type of video content is working well.

Live stream and record anywhere- K Point

Live stream and record anywhere

Do not limit your faculty to record videos only in classrooms. With kPoint, it gets easy to record lessons anywhere. Moreover, you can make course content available to more students through secure and interactive live streaming, thereby putting an end to passive viewing and learning.

Build your brand advocacy- K Point

Build your brand advocacy

kPoint’s ready to use digital video infrastructure allows you to easily customize your video portal’s colour and logo to that of your organization’s design style, thereby building brand advocacy.

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