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Make learning your competitive edge. Establish opportunities to increase both the professional and personal development of your employees by leveraging our enterprise video platform.


In the ever-changing economic and business scenarios, the global workforce has also been continually evolving. Uncertainty, shorter employee shelf life and a multi-generational workforce have put a premium on upskilling and reskilling. So, boost productivity, by creating a more robust and engaging, Learning and Development program through our interactive video platform solutions. Gain the advantage by getting Videofied in this difficult playing field.

Key uses of kPoint’s video platform for
Learning and Development

Capture organizational knowledge

For enterprises having multiple offices in numerous countries, it becomes difficult to keep the learning content consistent. A video library can become the foundation of a knowledge base for the enterprise. Employees can then easily access videos anytime, anywhere and learn more about products and services.

Microlearning- K-Point 

Microlearning - A menu of focused topics

Deliver 'on-the-go learning’ with a set of bite-sized videos. Embed your video with tips, advice and inspirational demos. Gauge the learning through quizzes, polls and other interactivity hosted in a secure channel. So, no more drab training, but engaging learning and development of employees. Create a value-based culture.

Get undivided attention at meetings- K-Point 

Get undivided attention at meetings

Record all your high-value web meetings and webinars, enabling all attendees to give their undivided attention without worrying about taking notes. Share it with those who missed the meeting and mark-up your own highlights. Curate easily digestible content as key takeaways from the meeting and share internally.

On-demand training- K-Point 

On-demand training

Work-from-home, numerous campuses, multiple time zones and globally dispersed: this is the reality of today’s enterprises. Rarely can everyone come together, even for an important training session. Eliminate this ‘conflict of spread’, by recording training sessions once and make it instantly available online for everyone, for viewing at their convenience. kPoint’s click-through analytics makes tracking of viewership extremely easy through simplified dashboards.

Boost productivity- K-Point 

Boost productivity

The traditional methods of employee training take away from daily productivity. In a workday already flooded with replying to emails and answering calls, the use of on-demand-videos for training ensures that valuable time and effort is not wasted, while employees easily get trained at their convenience.

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to boost employee Learning and Development

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