kPoint has a New Look!

kPoint has new look

Let us provide some adjectives. Fresh. Crisp. Focused. We have been working hard on making your experience great. It’s never too soon and we are sure you will love it! We strongly suggest you take a trip to kPoint soon. Much like a fun travel destination, it’s best experienced firsthand. Here are some highlights around which you should plan your visit.

Do share this with your colleagues who have used kPoint so they know what’s new. Even better, share it with others who may not have used kPoint just yet but would find it useful.

Pretty…darn nice. Everything looks better with this release.

Our team has looked hard and eliminated all clutter. The new kPoint interface is crisp and clean. There is a sharpened Focus on viewing video. To do that, we have moved things around on the video player. The revamped player is nice and clean and what you need the most is right around it. We have made it easy for mobile viewers – no need to have an app any more. Live stream viewing is enhanced with comments and Q&A separated. Useful widgets like Highlights are still around but are moved out of the way, the Transcript is now available to read independently for faster access as well.

Recommendations are a big part of this release. As you view a video, other relevant videos are suggested as a followup activity. Users see the most useful information based on their declared interests due to the intelligence built into the portal.

The overall user experience is now more People-centric.We have made it easy to share channels, playlists, podcasts, events and not just videos. Users can promote content they find useful to others quickly and securely.

Some long-standing demands from customers have been met in this release. We now have QuickShoot.We have rid our users of the tyranny of FLASH. Users with access to kPoint can now create video content at their desktop easily and without needing enterprise IT help and time. Users can add labels and hyperlinks in the video. You can share the video in the same flow as a video message. And that will start your conversation with the recipients in the context of the video timeline. We have no doubt you will love it.

Moderated Q & A support for live streaming video is in. kPoint has had a highly scalable live streaming function for a while. Not only is it highly efficient and optimized, but now it also help you scale Zoom and Webex sessions to potentially unlimited viewers. Audience questions and comments for the presenter can now be moderated and are extremely easy to access for live answers and responses.

So there! That’s a quick tour of some of what we have been working on during the last few months of this pandemic. It’s always an ongoing process of improving to provide you with the best. We continue to count on you telling us what will help you succeed. We will make sure we put that in our roadmap to make it happen.

So don’t worry about if it’s doable, give us a chance and we’ll surprise you!


We hope you all and your loved ones are doing well during the pandemic. Take care of  each other! We look forward to hearing from you. Write to us at

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