kPoint for remote training for campus hires

About the Customer

The customer is an international information technology (IT) consulting and implementation company. It operates in two units: production engineering services and IT services. Currently co-headquartered in US and India, it has three development centers in India and 15 offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States. The company currently has 9500+ employees worldwide, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace.

kPoint for Campus Hire Training

Need for kPoint

As a part of its rapid expansion plans, the company recruits new hires directly from university campuses every year.  These new graduates come from different colleges and universities and have diverse educational backgrounds. There is usually a lack of uniformity in their technical and non-technical skills. Sometimes, they also tend to be lacking in certain skills that are mandatory to the job in order for the company to compete in a global market.

Upon joining, the company offers a 3-month training programme for the new recruits. This is conducted by in-house trainers who are best acquainted with internal needs, technical skills and the work culture at the company. However, this training process is often inconsistent due to varying levels of expertise and learning ability amongst the trainees who have joined in the batch.

In order to ensure that this 3-month training program is effective, it is essential to establish a benchmark skillset level across the batch prior to their joining the company. This is where kPoint can be effectively used to deliver training content to all new campus hires, which can be made mandatory to their joining the company.

 kPoint Solution

kPoint kapsules provide a simple solution to these problems by combining various interactive mediums in order to account for the basic learning needs of students. These kapsules, given the compilation of multimedia (documents/slides, whiteboard, desktop sharing, video), are engaging to students thus enabling them to process the information better.

The company’s in-house trainers create such kapsules for each of the topics to be covered in the training and make them available on kPoint portal. The students located all over India are provided access to the kPoint portal and have a published training schedule as a guideline for self-learning using these kapsules. This strategy yields easy, self-paced study using a multimedia-rich medium of instruction.

Benefits of Using kPoint for Campus Hire Training

The company’s kPoint kapsules contain short, targeted material graded by increasing levels of complexity.

  • Students can learn from the basic kapsules and move gradually to advanced topics at their pace.
  • Kapsules are also available for multiple repeat viewings if the student wishes to refer back to specific areas.
  • kPoint allows students to quickly search for a term present in the kapsules.
  • Students can interact with the trainers using queries, which can be added to kapsules and answered by trainers.
  • Queries that are made public are also visible to other students.
  • Students as well as the instructor can add bookmarks to kapsules to highlight specific areas of interest.
  • The collaborative experience causes increased productivity throughout the student network and improved learning experience.
  • The time from receiving the campus job offer to actually joining the company can be used to establish a basic skill-set level across the entire batch, improving the effectiveness of the 3-month training program.

The faculty has discovered that incorporating short kapsules into their training process allows them to focus on specific areas of study and cover these quickly and efficiently. This provides a huge benefit in terms of ensuring that everyone is up to speed with these topics. kPoint collects and provides detailed statistics about how the system has been accessed.  This includes important information such as:

  • Confirming access by students to the material that the company wanted to have them understand
  • Usage behaviour by the students
  • Viewership of kapsules and training material, understanding what training material is sought after
  • Topics of interest within kapsules. A sorted list of search keywords is also provided

These statistics provide a complete picture to the company, displaying how often the students are viewing kapsules and how they are reacting to the information provided. As a result, there is a direct correlation between the time a student spends with training material in an engaged manner and their performance in tests.

kPoint deployment for the company thus supports

  • Capturing training sessions in multimedia rich format in form of kPoint kapsules
  • Sharing kapsules over the kPoint portal and making them available to students and employees globally
  • Interactions between students and trainers via queries, bookmarks, comments, tags in kapsules
  • Efficient search to specific region of the kapsule for just-in-time and self-paced learning
  • Tracking the viewership of kapsules and provide analytics and usage patterns
  • Establishing a benchmark performance and skillset level for a diverse batch of campus hires before they join the company

Sample kPoint Usage Summary at the Company

The following info-graphic demonstrates the viewership of the company’s kapsules in a specific month, by prospective employees across India. Additional details on kPoint usage can also be provided using the summary dashboards available to Admin users in kPoint.

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