kPoint’s Interactive Videos Transform Customer Experience for India’s Leading Financial Services Provider


kPoint Customer Success Story

kPoint’s Interactive Videos
Transform Customer Experience
for India’s Leading
Financial Services Provider

Executive Summary

One of India’s leading financial services providers was looking to strengthen its video capabilities to aid its sales and marketing efforts. The company wanted to enhance interactivity, connect video analytics with its analytics mapping assets, and leverage marketing attribution to make ad targeting more effective. kPoint Technologies helped to completely overhaul the company’s video landscape, keeping in mind the company’s vision for a differentiated CX and the potential role of video. This resulted in 2.76 million+ minutes of video streaming for the company’s customers, leads, and prospects, along with simplified video management and more optimized ad targeting.

About the Company

The client is among India’s leading financial service providers, operating since 2007. The company is listed on NAC and caters to a massive customer base of 34.5 million customers. Its key service areas include lending, asset management, wealth management, and insurance, with a keen focus on digital banking and service dissemination. The company has consistently ranked among India’s leading employers and financial service providers, named among the top 150 companies by the Economic Times 500 in 2014 with a ranking of #119.

Key Challenges and Use Cases to be Addressed

Globally video is now the preferred channel for marketing communication and customer engagement, with 79% of companies now using video and 98% accelerating their use of video communication last year. It was well-positioned to gain a competitive advantage from this trend, adopting a bespoke platform that perfectly answers its needs. Indeed, the company has built a robust portfolio of digital services over the years, well-suited for video-led CX transformation.

Over the years, we have built a robust portfolio of digital financial services for our customer engagement & today, video has tremendous potential in transforming customer experiences. We were eager to think beyond conventional solutions and look for something that’s more interactive, engaging, and state-of-the-art. With kPoint video management platform, we reimagined the use of video for enriching customer experiences & unlocked productivity gains.
– Head Of Marketing at the client organization

The company was looking to meet the following business requirements: 

  • Drive interactivity – Most video management platforms like YouTube lacked interactivity and support for custom CTAs. The company wanted to make videos interactive so that customers were more likely to engage with the video messaging and increase view-to-click ratios.
  • Gain from advanced analytics – Viewership analytics data had to be ingested into the internal data mart. This would help track attribution sources and personalize the CX according to each visitor’s unique area of interest. 
  • Simplified management – At that time, the company had to change the underlying website architecture whenever a video was replaced. This was extremely inefficient and time consuming, and the company wanted a solution that could simplify and optimize the process.

Journeying towards a Complete Reimagination

YouTube is the go-to platform for video sharing among consumers, which makes it difficult for organizations to stand out and make an impact. Also, using YouTube meant that the company was restricted by its inherent feature constraints and limited personalization. That’s why the company decided to switch to an enterprise-first video management solution, selecting kPoint owing to its years of expertise and targeted capabilities in sales & marketing. kPoint conducted close discussions and workshops with the company’s marketing team, assessing the as-is landscape. This revealed opportunities for greater engagement, more effective marketing attribution, and bespoke CTAs for interactivity through video. 

The company transitioned to the kPoint video management platform, encompassing a variety of features and functionalities.

As a trusted partner, kPoint has an excellent track record of collaborating with our team. We appreciated their approach, which revealed the vital KRAs that would shape the outcomes and expectations from this project. This also meant that the implementation pathway would be seamless with clear goal-setting and quality benchmarking.
– Senior Manager Digital Marketing at the client organization

A Holistic Solution for Greater Video Engagement and Smarter CX

Since October 2018, the company has hosted 1500+ videos on its website via the kPoint video management platform. The key solution components include: 

  • Video-first website optimization: Product pages are now built using the kPoint channel API. This has reduced efforts around video management, thereby increasing adoption. 
  • Centralized customer data visibility, tracking, and targeting:kPoint integrated with the customer’s website and pages for anonymous user tracking and user behaviour mapping. This data can be mapped against the ID to personalize the website experience and target ads more effectively. 
  • Embedded video in chat: In addition to the website, videos now also play a major role in chat conversations. kPoint videos are embedded in the chat app so that the chatbot can answer with short video snippets (in addition to text) to solve customer queries. 
  • Advanced analytics for strategic insights: Video and related analytics are now tightly coupled with the company’s consolidated repository of assets. 
  • Unique CTAs for greater interactivity: Finally, custom CTAs were among the key solution components – users can interact with videos using CTAs like the following: 
    • On-click, open a branded form to get user input 
    • Open a new page after video playback ends to get feedback 
    • Open a CTA link at a specific video timestamp 

Driving Tangible Benefits and a Lasting Impact

kPoint helped the company completely reimagine its video capabilities and unlock its full potential. Since implementation, the company has been able to create and upload over a thousand videos, resulting in key benefits for both the internal team as well as the end customer. 

The company’s marketing team can now easily upload, edit, and replace videos without making any modifications to the website. They can also directly upload without third-party help or intervention – saving time and increasing video adoption in the long term. Further, the new capabilities enabled by kPoint meant that videos are more interactive and easier to navigate for website visitors and end customers. For example, customers can easily enter feedback through the embedded CTA link. Thanks to website and cookie integrations, customers are more likely to see ads that are actually relevant to them.

The key milestones achieved include: 

  • 01

    2.76 million+ minutes of interactive video content streamed to prospects.

  • 02

    Enterprise-grade customization beyond one-size-fits-all solutions like YouTube.

    • 03

      Widget-based CTAs added on 70+ videos.

  • 04

    A reduction in the average sales cycle.

  • 05

    More optimized ad targeting, thereby increasing conversion .

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