Case Studies

kPoint for remote training for senior executives

Introduction Senior finance executives in large organizations need to constantly upgrade their skills in order to stay abreast of new regulations, understand the latest trends in business and remain professionally competitive. However, given their busy schedules, work commitments and travel costs, it is not always feasible for them to attend in-person training sessions to acquire […]

kPoint as a communication platform in a large conglomerate

About the customer A large conglomerate has several group companies. The conglomerate has been growing at a steady pace and has been expanding horizons outside India. The conglomerate has companies spread across the globe and work locations in all the time zones. A division of the conglomerate is responsible for executing group level initiatives.These initiatives […]

kPoint and Persistent systems make organizational learning simpler, more engaging and interactive

kPoint Technologies, an award-winning technology innovator that offers cloud-based creation of interactive video presentations, today announced it has formed a partnership with Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT), the global leader in software product and technology services, to deliver a joint solution that makes organizational learning simpler, more engaging and interactive. Persistent Systems’ eMee Gamification […]

kPoint and Ednexa help students in Naxalite affected regions

Education is a necessity of life. Sometimes social instability is a threat to conventional education affecting citizens’ rights. A major hit to education is in the Naxalite affected regions where the Naxals have disrupted education by blowing up school buildings and threatening teachers. Imparting knowledge in such areas is a major challenge. Online education has […]

Synechron delivers effective training to its onsite consultants

Synechron is a leading software services and consulting company with 4000+ employees worldwide. Around 10-15% of Synechron’s workforce works onsite at customer locations for more than 6 months or longer at a time. During this period they need to avail the training benefits that are much needed to upgrade their skills for meeting customer project requirements, and to […]

A real story of achieving 10 times Return on investment with a move to kPoint’s blended training

One of the largest organizations in India used to regularly conduct 3 day trainings for senior management. This training covered more than 200 senior executives every year. The live interaction was crucial and hence this training could not be made completely asynchronous. The training involved serious planning, logistic costs, trainers’ involvement and most importantly time […]