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Combining startup hustle with over a decade of market leadership

Since 2011, kPoint has worked to radically simplify information delivery and learning through cutting-edge video technology. Clients like Infosys, Cognizant, Bajaj Finserv, and others rely on our video content management platform to drive activities in HR, marketing, customer experience, and internal communications. And, we have crossed several milestones, including 100,000+ users, the prestigious CODiE recognition, as well as having registered wins at the Brandon Hall awards and the IBM GEP SmartCamp.

Our ethical philosophy and the values we embody

Work in a diverse and dynamic environment, where innovation and creativity are pushed to the max every day.

Think Out of the box

Think out-of-the-box

We believe in a culture of innovation and disruptive problem-solving. At kPoint, you’re always encouraged to go the extra mile and bring your unique skills to the table.


Take charge

With real ownership comes lasting success. You will be empowered to control your outcomes as you learn from the brightest minds around you.


Experience openness

An environment that fosters transparency and clear goal-setting is at the core of our DNA. Here, you can express yourself and push your ideas to their full potential.

Stay Together

Stay resilient, together

No matter the problem, we recognize the importance of persistence and collaboration. Join a team that “thinks and acts together” in every situation.

What employees love most about working at kPoint

Our culture

Our culture

A place that’s always brimming with energy, our goal is to help you flourish as we chase new targets every day.


New opportunities

New opportunities

Discover the next milestone for your career, at a company that’s at the bleeding edge of video innovation today.


Freedom to experiment

Freedom to experiment

Find new ways to solve consumer problems and build products that make a genuine difference.


Learning and self-development

Learning and self-development

Boost your skill-sets in an environment of continuous learning through hands-on assignments, mentorships, and self-paced programs.

The kPoint family

When you join us, you’ll be part of a community that believes in lasting connections and true collaboration.


A sense of belonging

A sense of belonging

Relationships that outlast the test of time are at the heart of the kPoint mantra, and actively endorsed by our founders.

Team Spirit

Our team spirit

Our team spirit

Become a member of a team that never gives up till the job is done, just right.

Celebrating life’s precious moments

Celebrating life’s precious moments

In work and in play, we recognize the importance of celebrating our biggest wins, everyday successes, and small joys.


The purpose

The purpose

Achievable targets, a meaning to each task, and a larger, shared mission is our fundamental value proposition for you.


Passionate about video technology? We’re hiring.

We’ll always make room for top talent!

At kPoint, we are always growing and looking to onboard the brightest minds in a variety of fields. If these profiles don’t fit your professional requirements right now, tell us more about yourself and we will reach out if a suitable position opens up in the future.