Unlock your repository of organizational knowledge – The Tata way!

Organizational innovation is not a flash in the pan, but a systematic evolution aided by the continuous dissemination and sharing of knowledge. Research suggests that innovation within the modern enterprise is brought about through formal or informal knowledge sharing. While the need to learn, share and collaborate is inherent to human nature, in an organization, this innate characteristic creates many subject matter experts. And in the increasingly digital world, it is video that is empowering these subject matter experts to share their expertise and best practices, thus becoming catalytic to innovation.

Tata Business Excellence Group (TBEG), the key driver of setting standards of excellence within one of India’s largest business conglomerates, The Tata Group, has leveraged kPoint’s video platform for everything from collaborating within group companies to the sharing of best practices. With six hundred thousand employees scattered across the globe, keeping teams aligned and spreading best practices was indeed a challenge. kPoint’s cutting-edge Live platform enabled TBEG to retain and share key institutional knowledge, whether from within a particular company or within the Tata Group. Watch this video and know why you should be using kPoint to share best practices in a most secure environment. The Tata’s trust kPoint …why shouldn’t you?

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