Paying it Forward

This article is for you, Leadership and Management, to help pay forward those who helped you succeed. You know you want to! We have now entered the “UnLock” phase during our 2020 Pandemic. Most companies are still “Working From Home”. How has the physical distancing impacted your daily communication with your fellow leaders and managers? [...]

Changing Tack: Towards Online Learning Experiences

Physical distancing forced by Covid-19 is the key driver towards fully online Learning Experience Platforms (LXP). Will your self directed Learners choose business critical content? Knowledge shared by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have learnt how to create engaging content will most likely be consumed. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your SMEs have the [...]

Every Dark Cloud…

Our happy silver lining of the lockdown and Working From Home (WFH) has been an opportunity to improve on aspects of the product that have become critical in the new normal. “This is the canvas on which unified communications paint their visions of knowledge management, non-instructor led training and various other functions.” Indian corporate environments  [...]