Have you started streaming live yet?


They say, a picture is worth thousand words and a video is worth million. But the same video streamed live becomes invaluable. The allure, of course, being in the ability to experience an event as it happens. Live streaming of video has been used in rather innovative ways since many years. But for businesses, the time for live video has now arrived. 

Live video broadcast was brought into wider public consciousness in consumer applications by Periscope (and the less popular Meerkat) and was popularised by Facebook Live. Users love the near real time broadcast at scale, limited but highly valuable interactivity through comments and ease of launching their live video to anyone, anywhere. And although all these features are awesome, it is the ready availability of the recording after the live event that remains its most appreciated value.

Businesses have found that these same characteristics of live video in social applications can add new dimensions to the traditional areas of video usage in businesses. And going beyond, it can uncover new areas of communication and collaboration in organizations.

Get going with Live Video

Quarterly town halls are a good starting point, since they are fairly common and can be shared beyond (office) space and (scheduled) time! 😛

Business leaders delivering such townhall sessions now have ability to address their troops and feel the buzz from reactions and comments in real time. What’s more is that they can broadcast themselves anytime without worrying about the infrastructure set up.

Organization wide events such as hackathons and launches of internal initiatives too can be broadcast to offices far and wide. And formal training sessions in a classroom can be streamed live to reach audiences located anywhere and address their questions sent through comments. Outward facing sales and marketing teams have been using webinars from long time and will find interactivity and richness of live video much more useful.

Corporates, buoyed by the trends set by Facebook and YouTube, have come to accept live broadcast as a rather fundamental requirement for content creation and dissemination. The recording of the live broadcasted video only completes the lifecycle for this content and makes it accessible, referenceable and of longer shelf life. What’s more, the analytics of live streamed event provides valuable insights into people’s interest in the topic.

Leverage your existing live video infrastructure

There are areas where a video platform with live broadcast capabilities can leverage your investments in video conferencing applications and even add power to them. End-to- end video platforms can integrate with video conferencing applications like Cisco Telepresence and broadcast the video stream from video the conference system to the users using their browsers over the Internet. This is where live broadcast technology marries the scale of the CDN and un-paralleled quality of specialized meeting applications hardware to provide value. But more on that later.

Businesses have also been adding vibrancy to their external social interface by broadcasting product launches, business seminars, quarterly sales performance calls and fireside chats with leaders. They would love a smooth, scalable live video platform which not only helps them broadcast, but creates more opportunities for engagement with their customers, prospects, followers and investors with a recorded, interactive video.

The barriers to adopt live video for businesses have fallen as each platform competes to be the best go-to platform for live streaming. Whether you are starting with a single live use case or already using on demand video for multiple use cases, it’s time to embrace the limitless possibilities of live video. As an end to end video platform, kPoint is standing firm at this exciting juncture in bringing you the best live video experience.


Chaitanya Bokil
Chaitanya takes care of product management and product marketing at kPoint Technologies. He is an avid reader and a soccer enthusiast.