CIO: Unified Video Platform for better Security, Management, and Organizational Synergies

The only written sample of Black Speech resounded very personally to us:

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” – J.R. Tolkien

It’s our “ Enterprise Video Platform”  the wind whispered to us. We will explain shortly.

Perhaps not at our wit’s end yet, we have surely have come to the end of our series. The last blog in our series is about the Chief Information Officer. The use of technology is inextricably linked with disseminating and gathering information in a global organization. And the most impactful means by far is Video. At the end of this blog is a simple exercise that will give you food for thought.

With this new release of kPoint, we want to give you specific suggestions about the roles you and your colleagues play in your organizations.  These suggestions are about how to use Enterprise Video to dramatically improve communicating and sharing your knowledge.

Here are the past blogs for the Expert, Team Leader, Executive leader, Marketer and the Individual employee.

So to “One ring to bring them…and bind them.”

One unified platform to serve all the Videos an organization uses. This blog addresses the incredible value Enterprise Video Platforms brings to the Information Officer. The Platform is the focal point.

Here are different parts of your organization that use video regularly in their communication, both internally and externally. Human Resources, Marketing, Knowledge Management, Sales, Leadership, Learning & Development, Regulatory, Facilities. All these departments use enterprise-wide systems that serve their functional needs. They use video that may be hosted locally or linked from external sources. Most of this video content lies in silos isolated from each other.

This is how a kPoint customer at a large enterprise consolidated their video requirements and centralized the control over video content flowing out. This enabled them to objectively see the return on investment for using video technology.

Here are the top three things centralizing your video will accomplish:

Create a branded video platform. When your employees play a video linked from a public platform, advertizer-driven content is a huge distraction. Hosting video from your own platform gives you enormous control and flexibility. You can have a look and feel for the player consistent with your organization’s brand. A central platform prevents the duplication of content. You can turn on or turn off video streaming from a single point. Upload new content after curation. And ensure the quality and freshness of content most relevant to your organization at a given time and place.

Engage. Your own video platform allows you to leverage trends and forms of engagement prevalent in social media without the negative side-effects of trolling, abuse, and malicious behavior. Letting the viewers appreciate and share content they enjoy, as well as providing feedback creates a vigorous synergy between those creating content and those consuming it.

Analyze. Once you have consolidated the source of where all your video content is served all kinds of measurements are possible. These will let you determine a clear and demonstrable return on your investment in learning, knowledge-sharing initiatives, and the technology needed to enable them.

  • Let us start with the primary benefit of preserving and sharing knowledge. Has knowledge been successfully captured? How many minutes of relevant video has been recorded? Has it been shared and pushed to all those who need it? Have they seen it? How did the employees respond? Are the various shareholders in your widespread organization leveraging all the content that is available?
  • The secondary benefits are important as well. All your content is secure and access controlled. You have the ability to monitor who has seen what, and when. Your company spends good money on internet bandwidth. Depending on organizational attitudes, from the draconian to the lenient, you can check its use and abuse. You also can pull back content immediately. Incorrect information, the backlash from an audience, violating norms( infringement, regional mores, etc.) all need to be addressed quickly.

Here is a simple exercise to illustrate our point. Go to your website. We bet there is a video from leadership or a corporate video. Next, go to your internal HR portal. Look for a Welcome video or a message to your employees. Knowledge base. You get the point. Almost all your sub-portals have video content on them. How many duplicates are there? Do you know if they are being watched and by whom?

As an Information Officer, this would have provided some food for thought. Do share any other uses you have seen and let us know what you thought after reading this article.

Before we conclude, here is a question for the ages. Why didn’t The Eagles simply take the ringbearer directly to Mordor? The answer apart from, “Gandalf can’t just ask the Eagles for help all the time” is discussed here.

Stay safe and have a very Happy Diwali!

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