Are Marketers Getting Enough from The Tube?

Changing times call for changing technology.

With video set to continue its dominance in the content world, marketers want more than YouTube can offer: a way not just to broadcast their content, but also to store, manage, edit, produce, promote, and measure it.

Modern video marketing platforms can help marketers blaze into the digital age — stylishly and successfully. They offer flexible methods of video creation, provide comprehensive analytics, and can help transform your content into lead-generating machines.

So if you aren’t already paying attention to these platforms, here are 3 reasons why you should.

Meeting the Marketer’s Needs

While likes, comments and views on your content give you a rough measure of how appealing your content is, insights on user engagement, time spent on the video and call to action will take your analysis to the next level. Modern video marketing platforms understand marketers’ needs — they are built to help you better understand your prospects and customers, transform them into solid leads, constantly improve your content and strategy based on analytics, and use this data to further increase lead generation and sales enablement.

With the right video platform, it’s easier than it sounds. With all your content hosted in a single place, controlled entirely by you, nothing can distract your viewer from your video. This automatically solves one of marketers’ biggest problems with YouTube, where viewers are inundated with suggestions for new videos once they finish watching your content, meaning that their focus on your product and strategy is diminished.

But beyond that, these platforms also allow you to enhance your content in a variety of ways. Features such as email gates or a call to action can ensure that your content easily influences and draws in your viewer for more. Combine these with analytics, and you have a platform that gives you every single piece of information you need to turn your content into a minefield of potential new customers.

More Analytics for More Insights

Modern video technology is changing the nature of marketing analytics and SEO.
Whether you want to know how many people watched your content, what they searched for in your video, how much time they watched it for, or even at which minute they stopped watching your video — the right video platform has all the answers for you.

The potential of such detailed analytics is huge: with data on who, what, how, and when, you can craft your campaigns to allow for highly targeted follow up with potential customers.

This is especially important in a time when a massive amount of video content is dumped on the internet daily, platforms like YouTube offer very little diversity in analytics options, leaving you to rely on small data to make big decisions about your product. With video marketing platforms, you easily side-step these problems. You are privy to a huge repository of data about your videos: whether in numbers, graphs, charts, or reports.

Lead Generation

With features such as email gates, in-video links, integrated forms for data collection, and interactive modules, modern video technology gives you every tool you could possibly need to make sure that your content is generating leads.

Essentially, these features give your viewers a chance to express their interest right as they engage with your video content. This opens up your content as a way to strategize about how you follow up with the various leads interacting with your videos.

Integration with your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform, in particular, is another big way to generate new leads with these platforms. Seamless integration with your CRM means that you can take your video analytics and turn them into real gold. Many platforms will also integrate with your Marketing Analysis System, which means that you can view history data for each of your contacts and then make sure to segment and nurture your leads with greater chances of success. Think of all the information available to you once you push your video engagement data into Salesforce or Eloqua!

As video continues to grow, so does the technology around it. Today’s businesses demand newer technologies that cater to newer needs. Modern video marketing platforms are the answer to these new demands. So why restrict yourself to a platform that limits what you can do with video?