Author: Asmeeta Bangale

Part II: Adaptive Learning

“Intellectual curiosity is always admirable, even if you are an opsimath.” Imagine if you had to study the entire dictionary to understand that one word. You’ll realize how smart Learners feel when your company makes them retake a whole Agile course because they want to get better at managing backlog requirements. Adaptive Learning helps avoid [...]

Part I: Putting Learners First.

Does your organization put your Learners first? Or, like most organizations do you spend time figuring out Content your Learners should know? If it’s mostly the former, even if it isn’t everything they need to know, you’ll see results as employees put into action what they have learnt. If it’s mostly the latter, you’ll have [...]

How Video Helps Solve Today’s Top L&D Challenges

Here’s a 15-word horror story for every L&D professional out there: The average employee only spends 1 percent of their work week on training and development. Courtesy of a Deloitte study, this statistic has come to symbolize the difficulties of running an effective and evolving L&D department in today’s world. In today’s world, L&D is still playing catch […]