Author: Anirban Nandi

In the Spotlight : Here Technologies

We have some fantastic news. A kPoint customer, Here Technologies has been selected as a finalist at the Learning Awards, a prestigious recognition by the Learning and Performance Institute, UK. Here Technologies provides a great environment for their employees to work and continuous learning is an integral part of it. Amongst the tools they use, [...]

kPoint for remote training for campus hires

About the Customer The customer is an international information technology (IT) consulting and implementation company. It operates in two units: production engineering services and IT services. Currently co-headquartered in US and India, it has three development centers in India and 15 offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States. The company currently has 9500+ employees […]

kPoint Overview

What to look for in this video: A product marketing video, easily shareable across geographies and across devices. Watch the entire video to know more about the kPoint video platform. Make video content scalable with kPoint.

Case Study: Training sales teams on the go

One of India’s largest financial services provider adopted kPoint to automate its sales training. The result was a dramatic reduction in training time. The client is an Indian financial services company offering vehicle finance, home loans, SME loans, and a variety of other financial services. The company operates from over 700 branches across India with […]

Making the Digital Workplace a Reality

A natural transition from the traditional Picture this. Sonika has a video conference to attend in the first half of the day and she has to attend her son’s Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) in the second half. Given the dreadful traffic conditions in her city, she knew she is never going to make it on time for […]