Enterprise Videofication

State-of-the-art on-demand video cloud for the extended enterprise
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Enable all to work with videos in a structured, secure, and managed way.

Enrich your viewers’ experience with widgets,
ability to interact with the publisher, and highlights.
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Your videos needs have been growing. You have so many tools…
Has the rapidly growing video usage caught you by surprise? You need to be ready for a dozen video needs: broadcast, create, capture, upload, secure, host, publish, distribute, embed, integrate, measure, and govern. In addition – you need a ready-to-use cloud API for your mobile and digital developers so they build wonderful video experiences, and you need bandwidth efficiency, 24×7 availability, and global distribution. kPoint will do all this for you in one integrated suite of products.

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Your Users go to one place for live video and another for On-Demand.
Wouldn’t you just love it if the same window showed you both Live video and On-demand video? After all, that’s what you get on TV for ages. You have spent heavily for video conferencing rooms and your viewers can’t always be in them. Your recordings stay unused in silos. And no one has the time to watch long recordings since they are not searchable. kPoint eliminates all these gaps.

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You need ORG-WIDE security, Governance, Scaling when needed and 24 X 7.
kPoint integrates with your org-wide authentication, provides highest levels of security when video is at rest on any device or in motion to any part of the world. The content categorization and access control workflows and logs ensure that you can easily audit any time. For a technology provider, we offer you the comfort of ISO 27001 and six+ years of incident-free performance. Being a born-in-the-cloud platform, auto-scaling, being always on, and fine-grained analytics are in our genes!

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Done taking care of employees? What about the external users?
Video is perhaps even more important for those who are not a part of your corporate directory. There are new hires at all levels, a variety of vendors, partners, contractors, field agents, dealers, and finally customers. You already manage numerous applications for transacting business with them. With kPoint, you can enable all these applications and provide selective video access to these external users with the same promise of security, access control, reporting, and availability.

Smart use of videos- A successful organization

Look who’s using kPoint for Enterprise Videofication
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