6 things to know while choosing between cloud and on-premise deployment

We often find our customers’ IT and business teams debating over the type of deployment they should have for kPoint. While adopting the cloud seems to be the preferred choice of most, there are businesses that still prefer on-premise deployments. The choice of porting to a cloud solution depends on a number of factors that you might want to consider. Looking at the pros and cons of each model vis-à-vis factors like your business goals, operational needs and resources, it may seem like a tough decision to make. But we’ll let you in on a little secret…the cloud might be just what you need. Read on to know why.

Access content on the go
Until about a decade ago, businesses extensively deployed their solutions ‘on-premise’. Well, that was because the cloud was taking teeny weeny steps towards developing an extensive infrastructure. However, with the arrival of advanced cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, more and more companies are shifting to cloud based solutions. One of the primary benefits of the cloud is that it provides seamless access to a solution from any location, and that too without depending on your enterprise network. With kPoint on the cloud, globally distributed teams can collaborate with each other seamlessly over different devices and networks.

Minimize cost overheads
On-premise solutions do have their fair share of hidden costs, including hardware and IT management. On the other hand, cloud based products are priced transparently…you get what you see. In our case, the total cost of ownership for our cloud based instance is proportional to usage and significantly lower than that of on-premise deployment.

Forget the hassles of IT procurement – deploy in a matter of hours
Organizations ready to deploy kPoint on-premise usually suffer from inordinate delays caused by a cumbersome purchasing process that involves hardware and underlying software licenses. It gets even worse while scaling up, since that requires more new hardware to be installed. However, cloud deployment of kPoint can be completed within a matter of hours and be scaled at will as usage grows.

IT management will be much less of a bother
The kPoint cloud takes care of IT management tasks like dynamic hardware provisioning, server uptime, backups and periodic upgrades. So you can now have more time to focus on growing your core business. We’ll take care of kPoint’s IT infrastructure and operational worries.

Data security is rather uncompromised
You might say that that ‘on-premise’ solutions offer more control and security of data, but trust our word that it is not entirely true. On-premise offers security by stonewalling your content, but there’s always a smart user lurking around who might leapfrog the wall. kPoint’s cloud native instance is always upgraded with the latest security patches, keeping an eye on all kinds of threats. Technology specifically built for security of data in motion and data at rest goes into kPoint’s cloud instance. The cloud instance regularly goes through a third party vulnerability assessment test and passes with flying colors.

Unlock new use cases with exciting features
The kPoint cloud instance brings in exciting features like spoken word analysis, image analysis, adaptive streaming, live event broadcast and many more. These features help you plunge into new avenues for videos like live streaming of CXO broadcasts, searchable corporate communications content, customer support videos, marketing videos and much more.
At the end of the day, the choice is entirely yours. But if you want to fully unleash the power of video, move to kPoint on the cloud.

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